Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Some better rendering

Something now resembling proper rendering ; a level rendered in Phaser, with the test rendering in the bottom corner. The player will be in the middle and the level will scroll around.

It's been rigged so it displays the whole maze even if you haven't actually visited a square yet, just for testing purposes.

Next up, create some sort of messaging system, and a basic active object class. Objects in the maze are divided into things that move and things that don't, and some flip between the two ; monsters start of as a thing in the maze, when they are 'activated' they become an active object that will chase the player.

This game doesn't have a player in actuality, it has 17. It starts off with 15 players , an elf and a dwarf. Players are lost in fights, as can the elf and dwarf (one auto maps, the other gives warnings, can't remember which way round).

One thing I noticed in the code is that you can't get more players ; there is no 'recovery' from a bad fight. I might well change this.

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